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Welcome to my website. What is a Virtual Assistant you might ask (VA)? I am an independent Business owners who provide administrative support to clients remotely from a home office. Methods of communication and data delivery include the internet, Emails, phone and Skype.
How can a (VA) help my business? A virtual assistant can help you grow your business by working with you to deal with the day to day administrative tasks. By using a virtual assistant to take care of tasks and projects, you have more time to focus in growing your business. 
Benefits of using a virtual assistant is another question you will ask. We are available as and when needed. Saves business owners the costs associated with a full time employee providing facilities and equipment. We provide , efficient, cost effective, professional and confidential administrative service. No Holiday or sick leave just and affordable tax deductible expense.

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Our Team

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Jennifer Beling


Motivated and driven individual, I strive to be the best version of myself I can be. My biggest passion in life is the animals and our beautiful nature🦋, (especially South Africa My home) I see myself as an animal activist 🐾and lover of nature recently turned Vegan yes yes 🍗 I know no meat is torture but I have looked at the bigger picture and its very close to my heart ❤so I have left that wonderful piece of steak for a veggie bowl. ( and never looked back )

Enough of me now ........

I have Admin experience of more than 15 years Management and Administration, in various fields including Micro-finance and Auditing, My love for Administration has driven me to become a Virtual Assistant. I strive in making a difference in a small business owner's daily lives. By delivering good quality work at the most efficient time possible.

My business was started with a laptop💪 ( not even a decent desk) that was so slow I had to start early and work late just to keep my first client happy, I believe in growing slow but steady and my growth as a person over the years has brought me to this point of my life where I work for myself and aspire daily to make a difference in woman's👼 lives, either motivate them to grow and believe in themselves.

Paying it forward is one of my current core believes, my current paying it forward project is assisting a new VA in getting her business started with all the basic tools and know-how.

Keep an eye on my blog for more paying it forward ventures.😎

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